Grand Rapids Area Professionals for Excellence founded in 2007

(GRAPE) is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that provides
learning, collaboration, and social networking opportunites for Grand Rapids professionals.

Our Slogan:
“Educate, Connect, & Inspire”

Our Value:
“Learning that Inspires Excellence!”

Our Vision:
“To be the center of influence in the professional community for fostering integrity, camaraderie, service, and education for growth & positive influence in the Greater Grand Rapids area.”

Our Mission:

“To build a community of professionals who inspire others to reach their fullest potential; personally, professionally, and neighborly!”

Our Goal:
“To be the number one business networking group in West Michigan!”

GRAPE seeks to create a ‘Community of Excellence’ for Grand Rapids Area Professionals. By doing so, we hold up our community’s best as shining examples for others to aspire to.